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If you are ….

Training in the gym but not getting the results you want

Or maybe…

You have been struggling to stay motivated and avoid injury

A well structured training and nutrition plan is the key to changing the way you look, and feel. Building muscle burning fat and toning your body doesn’t need to be out of your reach.

 I will show you how it’s vital to get your training right to see the results you desire

I will show you how it's vital to get your training right to see the results you desire

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I've been training with Kieran for about a year and a half now and I've noticed a big increase in my strength. Most importantly he taught me proper form and other techniques which vastly help. Kieran knows his stuff and can cater to anyone. True gent with awesome banter - highly recommend.

Kyle Watkinson

Kieran is an incredible guy who changed my life - a personal trainer who genuinely cares about your progress both physically and mentally. Went to him as a newbie and could never imagine going near any other trainer.

Shane Gillen

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