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Everstrength method

Get Stronger, leaner and fitter than ever before with the Everstrength method.


Our team is here to support and guide you every step of the way, so you can get results quickly and avoid frustrating plateaus


You can rest assured that our highly experienced team will know the best way to get you results and help you progress.


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  • Get stonger, fitter and more athletic than ever before
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I've trained with Kieran for the last year and a bit . Whenever I have a session with him I always come away having learnt something new, which I can apply to my training. Excellent coach and always professional, supportive and motivational to keep me pushing myself.

Ciara Moore

Had a session with Kieran this morning and already I feel both mentally and physically stronger....after one session! He breaks everything down into an easy and digestible way so that you can fully understand it and then apply it to your training. Im excited by what I will achieve going forward by working with Kieran. Watch this space!

Claire Walshe

Kieran is an incredible guy who changed my life - a personal trainer who genuinely cares about your progress both physically and mentally. Went to him as a newbie and could never imagine going near any other trainer.

Shane Gillen

  • Do you find yourself unable to get the results you really want no matter how hard you train?
  • Are you confused by all the different conflicting advice about the best way to train to look great, build muscle and burn fat?

I understand. We have helped many people in exactly your situation. They wanted to change the way they looked and felt, but they were unsure about how to achieve their goals. A combination of conflicting advice, and lack of results led them to feel they couldn’t succeed.

Using our tried and tested Everstrength method you transform your body and mind. It’s an innovative fully coached program for office workers and athletes alike. Allowing you to have peace of mind that you can finally achieve your goals without risk of injury.

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